Everybody is such unique, the elements to happiness varies as well. These elements to happiness could be the simplest things around us: your favorite book, water bottle from your xth birthday, the beloved long-lost, forgotten music player, mouth-watering snacks… Make happiness stay, build your happiness corner.

Theming “Elements to Happiness” this season, our latest look book demonstrates vibrant yet simplistic hellolulu daily usage in various life scenes, hoping to discover the hidden life vibe, daily chill and pure happiness in the surroundings.

Pick up the book and, know your Elements to Happiness.

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今季,我們以 “Elements to Happiness”為題,推出全新型錄,展示多個以配色活潑濱紛、設計經典簡約的hellolulu日常配襯及生活使用場景,與大家一起發掘隱藏生活細節中的絲絲日常的浪漫、快樂感。



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